Together We Build!

A Vintage Shop like no other

About Us

The Owners

Owners Burke and Randy Daniel are former entertainers and theatrical producers, and lovers of anything old, new, artistic and creative. Fringe became the brick and mortar embodiment of that spirit, driven by their collective energy to present a collection of vintage/antique and artisan inspired items to the public.

It's All About The Story

Everything has a story, whether it's a 100 year old piece of furniture that has survived one decade after another, or a seemingly "tired" piece waiting to be renewed by the power of creativity. At Fringe, we love exposing the stories each piece brings to the floor. As you walk through the aisles of the shop, you'll quickly be immersed in days past, while also seeing items you may have used in your youth become something altogether new. We respect the stories and purpose of the furniture and items we showcase, and understand that some pieces deserve a new start, while other more classic items just need to leave alone.

Funky Finds and One-Of-A-Kinds!

At Fringe, expect to find treasures of all kinds. Funky, fun and unique items that you simply won't find anywhere else; customs creations from our team of amazing artisans; and a wide variety of classics that transcend time itself. After one visit, we believe you'll make Fringe a regular stop.