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Here's How it Works

Fringe does consignments - its true! We LOVE the old stuff, but we'll also take the cool, funky, artistic and otherwise bizarre items as well. If you have something you'd like to sell, let us take a look at it.

Our consignment details are included in our agreements, which vary based on the type of item(s) brought in. Generally speaking, our agreements run for 90 days. Fringe sets the retail price, based on the fair market value in our area; however, the consignor can choose to give Fringe a lowest selling price. The first 30 days will be 100% retail; the next 30 days will be 20% less; the next 30 days will be 40% less. After 90 days, the consignor may enter into another agreement, or will have 5 days (grace period) to retrieve their item(s). Any items left after the 5 day grace period will be considered "abandoned" and will become the property of Fringe. Fringe reserves the right to donate any "abandoned" items.

WHAT TO BRING:  Fringe loves the the old stuff - antiques reign supreme, but we also love vintage items of all kinds, as well as items that most people would consider unusual/funky/artistic/bizarre. No matter what it is, we MUST see it in person. Call the store to learn how to consign make arrangements for one of our qualified professionals to take a look at the items you wish to consign. For a complete list of preferred items at our consignment shops, click WHAT TO BRING. 

WHAT TO AVOID:  Condition is everything in the vintage business, so please be mindful of that before you contemplate presenting an item to us. Please don't bring anything that is broken, or has missing pieces. Please also don't bring anything that has bee broken, and/or repaired poorly. For a complete list of items you can avoid, click NO THANKS. 

BUYING/TRADES: Fringe has been known to buy items outright. We typically offer sellers 25-30% of the potential retail price. It's not intended to hurt feelings, but to account for the cost of taking ownership and thereafter selling the item. (i.e. labor, advertising, transportation, storage, etc.)

PAYMENTS: A consignor can expect to receive 50% of the final sales prices, after any applicable fees. Checks can be picked up on, or around the 15th of the following month of the sale. For a complete list of fees, please click FEE SCHEDULE.

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